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Kitchen Storage Solution

1. Wall Organizer


Wall Organizer
There’s no need to hide all of your stuff
behind cabinet doors. If you have the organization you love, you can
flaunt it too. The on Wall organizer from SieMatic provides space to
store your kitchen utensils while also providing aesthetic appeal.
Whether you’re stashing your spices, cutting board or cleaning utensils,
or even displaying a plant or vase, the on Wall system comes with a
variety of accessories to fit your needs for your kitchen cabinet.

2. Stemware Holder

If you’re without a china cabinet for
displaying your stemware, there’s still no reason not to store them
safely. This in-cabinet stemware holder made by Rev-a-Shelf for
Armstrong makes use of your kitchen cabinets by making use of the unused upper
part of the cabinet box.  The 11-inch-deep stemware holder comes in
satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, chrome and brass finishes and in both a
single-row or four-row design.

3. Waste Bin Pull-Out

While storing your waste receptacle
under your countertop might be a no-brainer, the difficulty of opening
your cabinet doors while balancing an arm’s load of trash can prove to
be a mess. Fortunately, with the Blum SERVO-DRIVE waste bin system, your
kitchen benefits from handy waste storage while keeping things simple
with the unique SERVO-DRIVE drawer opening system. With a simple touch
of the drawer front, this waste cabinet opens so you can dump your trash
even if your arms are full.

4. Backsplash Accessories

Accessories on backsplashes, such as the
9-inch shelf over this Electrolux Icon Professional range—help keep
everything you need for cooking close at hand while keeping things
orderly. A potfiller over the cooktop does it part to make life easier
by eliminating the chore of hauling heavy pots and pans from the sink to
the range.

5. Pull-Out Pantry Rack

With its multiple storage racks and
sleek design, this pull-out pantry offers up plenty of space for cereal,
soup and more. The pantry’s mechanized pull-out system also helps the
unit close smoothly and safely. The rack automatically slides shut for
the last 2 inches, protecting fingers from pinching and ensuring no
banging doors.

6. Under-Sink Storage

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Kitchen Cabinet Designer

Choosing kitchen cabinets is time-consuming work, the job of designing an entire kitchen is a challenging jobs. Even with layout programs, such as Google SketchUp, that let us to  draft our own blueprints, having such a plan doesn’t mean it can be executed or that we can afford it.

The easier way is to find a line of kitchen cabinets that we like and we can afford it, work with the kitchen designer is the best way.  Kitchen cabinet designers have the experience to foresee and resolve any fit or installation problems before our kitchen cabinets are delivered.

Kitchen cabinets manufacturers often provide FOC kitchen cabinet design services, the kicthen cabinet designer will go to your house to do the floor measurement, understand your requirement and budget. Their will draft a blueprint to you and prepare the quotation to you.They professional and experience view able to help us to build an efficiency, functional and cost effective kitchen.

Please contact us for professional kitchen cabinet design consultation.

In Space Decor
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Tel: +6019- 337 9338

New Website for In Space Decor

New website for In Sapce Decor, feel free to visit kitchen cabinet for more information about kitchen cabinet design trend in Malaysia.
ISD is a Kitchen Cabinet, Wardrobe and TV Cabinet designer and manufacturer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ISD is specialize in kitchen cabinet design, manufacture and installation, we have a professional kitchen cabinet designer to help you to build up your dream kitchen within your budget and kitchen space.

ISD Malay Website

We have launch our Malay website for Malay market in Malaysia. Feel free to visit to know about our products and services.
Bahasa Malaysia
In Space Decor (ISD) ditubuhkan pada tahun 2006, ISD mempunyai pengalaman 6 tahun bagi kerja reka bentuk, pengilangan dan pemasangan Kabinet Dapur (Kitchen Cabinet), Almari Pakaian (Wardrobe), Kabinet TV (TV Cabinet), Kabinet Pemamiran (Display Cabinet), Kabinet Buku dan sebagainya.
Kabinet Dapur merupakan tumpuan utama kerja ISD, ISD telah menolong penduduk Lembah Klang (dari Kuala Lumpur ke Pelabuhan Klang) untuk merekabentuk dapur (kitchen) yang memenuhi kehendak masing-masing, ISD menolong anda untuk mencipta dapur impian dengan bajet disasarkan, sama ada anda tinggal di apartmen, kondominium, rumah teres, rumah banglo, rumah studio dan sebagainya.

2010 NKBA Design Award: Small Kitchens – First Place

A Colorful Pullman Kitchen

Kitchen & Bath Concepts of Pittsburgh, LLC
Pittsburgh, PA
Designer: Thomas David Trzcinski, CMKBD

Design Notes: A 2-foot bump-out and restoration of the original, higher ceiling enlivened this Pullman-style kitchen. The use of copper, hickory, antique bronze, bead board, and granite, as well as a tile backsplash that alludes to the weave in a basket, create a medley of texture, sheen and color that gives visual punch to this small space.
Products and Materials: Premier Custom-Built cabinets in light yellow painted maple and flax-stained rustic butternut, with bead board in dusty teal; Vangura Wild West granite countertops, Perrin & Rowe faucet, Kohler sink, Trikeenan Tileworks tile.

Source: 2010 NKBA Design Award: Small Kitchens – First Place

2010 NKBA Design Award: Small Kitchens – Second Place

New England Kitchen

Kitchen Views Custom
Newton, MA
Designer: Jessica Williamson, AKBD

Design Notes: Set in a Cape Cod vacation home with a view of the Atlantic Ocean, this kitchen features white painted cabinets and bead board, green glass knobs and pulls, and a white porcelain farm sink. Reclaimed wide-plank pine flooring and the reclaimed beech wood used for the island countertop add warmth and vintage appeal.
Products and Materials: Craft-Art reclaimed beech island countertop, slate perimeter countertop, Crystal Cabinets Green-Core cabinetry, Sietto cabinet hardware, Shaw’s Original farm sink, Elkay prep sink, KitchenAid refrigerator, Electrolux range, Best by Broan ventilation hood.

Source: 2010 NKBA Design Award: Small Kitchens – Second Place

2010 NKBA Design Award: Small Kitchens – Third Place

Classic Federal Kitchen

Covenant Kitchens & Baths, Inc.
Westbrook, CT
Designer: Gerard Ciccarello, CMKBD
Co-Designers: Kira Van Deusen & Eric R. Koch, CKD

Design Notes: Silk, marble, and crystal adorn this small kitchen set in an 1800s Federal-style home. Taupe silk wall covering draws out the colored veins and shading in the marble countertop and subway tile backsplash. Dark Jacobean-stained hardwood flooring contrasts the white raised panel cabinetry with crystal knobs.
Products and Materials: Calcutta Gold marble countertop and tile; Heirloom Cabinetry in Frosty White; Grohe faucet; Blanco Blancowave sink.

Source: 2010 NKBA Design Award: Small Kitchens – Third Place

2010 NKBA Design Award: Small Kitchens – Honorable Mention

A Petite Kitchen

Neil Kelly Design, Build & Remodeling
Lake Oswego, OR
Designer: Robin Fisher, CMKBD, CAPS
Co-Designer: Jamie Rupprecht, AKBD

Design Notes: Two doorways and just 90 square feet of space made this kitchen a design challenge. A jade-colored glass tile backsplash with a horizontal pattern helps to visually broaden the room, while integrated appliances contribute to the open feeling.
Products and Materials: Rift white oak cabinetry, glass tile backsplash.

Source: 2010 NKBA Design Award: Small Kitchens – Honorable Mention

Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas

The best kitchen design ideas are laid out with work zones in mind. Using what’s called “kitchen work triangle,” kitchen designers place everything from ovens and cooktops to sinks and refrigerators — as well as the cabinets themselves — within various zones. Rules of thumb for the basic work triangle are as follows:

  • No one side of the triangle should be greater than nine feet or less than four feet.
  • The triangle should not be interrupted by traffic or cabinetry.
  • The perimeter of the triangle should measure no more than 26 feet and no less than 12 feet.

Food – This zone contains all of our basic food items, including dry goods, canned goods , perishables, refrigerated foods and bulk storage. In our kitchen design ideas, food zone should be placed near the Preparation and Cooking zones, and should be easily accessible for unloading groceries.

Tableware – This zone is used to store dishes, stemware, serving pieces, glasses, silverware and other items that we use in our daily kitchen work. A good kitchen design ideas, this zone should be planned so that it is easily accessible from the eating area as well as the Cleanup zone.

Preparation – This is the main work zone in our kitchen. Preparation zone will contain work knives, food processor, utensils, mixing bowls and other small appliances. A good kitchen design ideas, preparation zone should be designed in proximity to the Cooking and Cleanup zones. This area will gain efficiency and practicality from effective kitchen design ideas, like base pots and pans cabinets with adjustable drawer dividers, floating island base cabinets, cutting canters, tambour storage, utensil ensembles and much more.

Cooking – In kitchen design ideas, this zone will include your cooktop, ovens and microwave. It will also contain your cookware, bakeware and cooking utensils, as well as your spices and cooking oils. This zone is the true focal point of our kitchen layout of kitchen design ideas. And you can keep the focus on efficiency with an effective kitchen design ideas, like a base cooking center, roll-out trays, spice racks, tray dividers and microwave cabinets.

Clean Up – The Cleanup zone is another area that can define our kitchen layout of kitchen design ideas because it most likely will be dictated by plumbing access or the placement of your dishwasher and windows. This zone contains your sink and dishwasher, trash and recycling bins, cleaning tools and cleaning supplies. Make your Cleanup zone more efficient with an effective kitchen design ideas, like a sink base door storage cabinet, pull-out wastebaskets and more.

Kitchen Cabinet Design

The typical kitchen is defined by kitchen cabinets design, the configuration of the kitchen cabinets design creates the workstation and determines the traffic flow of the kitchen, the features of the kitchen cabinets design introduce functionality and storage, and the styles of the kitchen cabinets design sets the view and tone for the entire kitchen. Effective kitchen cabinet design is also important if you want to get the most storage use possible out of your available storage space, and this should also be the goal in the design of any kitchen.

We invite you to visit kitchen cabinet design to know more about kitchen cabinet design, kitchen design ideas, kitchen design tips and photos, kitchen remodeling ideas and photos, kitchen layout, kitchen work triangle, small kitchen design and kitchen appliances.

The content of the website including;

  1. Kitchen Cabinet Design -A website provide information about kitchen cabinet design, kitchen design ideas, kitchen design tips and photos, kitchen remodeling ideas and photos, kitchen layout, kitchen work triangle, small kitchen design and kitchen appliances.
  2. Kitchen Cabinet – Kitchen is defined by kitchen cabinets, the configuration of kitchen cabinet creates the workstation and determines the traffic flow, the features of the kitchen cabinet introduce functionality and storage and the style of the kitchen cabinet sets the view and styles for the entire kitchen. Kitchen cabinet including custom-made kicthe cabinets, semi-custom kitchen cabinet and stock kitchen cabinets.
  3. Kitchen Work Triangle – The concept for the kitchen work triangle was developed by the Small Homes Council of the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois in the 1950’s. An invisible “work triangle” is created in the kitchen by the arrangement of the sink, stove and refrigerator. The kitchen work triangle in a kitchen is the triangular shape between the refrigerator, sink and cook top/stove.
  4. Kitchen Styles – Information about various Kitchen Styles, including Country Kitchen Styles, Contemporary Kitchen Styles, Traditional Kitchen Styles, Rustic Kitchen Styles, Arts & Crafts Kitchen Styles and Modern Kitchen Styles.
  5. Kitchen Layout – The layout of our kitchen is the plan where we place our appliances, countertops, and storage, kitchen layout will determine how cook-friendly our kitchen is. Kitchen layout solution lies not only with the proper selection and placement of appliances and cabinetry but also with the very foundations of the design of our kitchen.
  6. Kitchen Design Ideas – Information and inspiration for your ideal kitchen design, including kitchen design ideas and photos.
  7. Kitchen Design Tips – The kitchen is one of the most used and important rooms in our house. Designing a good kitchen can be a gratifying experience. We provide you some kitchen design ideas. Kitchen design tips including budgeting, kitchen space and layout plan, kitchen storage, lighting ect.
  8. Plan A Kitchen – We need to have a proper plan for our kitchen renovation project, plan a kitchen is a good start to get a beautiful and functional kitchen.
  9. Small Kitchen Design – Small kitchen design may seem to be a very high design challenge in kitchen design; a small kitchen design can also be efficient, functional and beautiful. Even with a space or building restriction with limited budget for a small kitchen design, we can find that there are some options open to us to transform our small kitchen into something more ideal for our needs and daily life.
  10. Kitchen Remodeling Ideas – A kitchen remodeling project can be as simple as new flooring, new window, wall painting , new kitchen appliances and new kitchen cabinets. A complicated kitchen remodeling including change of the kitchen design layout, change of the kitchen work triangle relocate of the work station such as cooking area, preparation area, cleaning area etc.
  11. Kitchen Appliances – Choosing the kitchen appliances with which to equip your new kitchen is one of the most exciting phases of the kitchen remodeling / renovation. From the small to big kitchen appliances, every item you choose will affect the view of your kitchen, the cost of your kitchen remodeling / renovation.
  12. Kitchen Remodeling Pictures - Kitchen remodeling pictures / photo for your references. Kitchen remodeling pictures including various of kitchen layout and kitchen design.
  13. Kitchen Cabinet Pictures – Kitchen Cabinets Pictures for your references, kitchen cabinets picture including variuos kitchen design and kitchen layout.